Web plugins

We build custom front and back end web plugins for your website, we create and manage databases for your business, and we build server-side tools to make your life easier organizing your online activities.

Machine Intelligence

Artificial intelligence tools and smart robots to process information and help you decide better.
We design algorithms and tools for you to prevent spam, to reach to new clients, to advertise smarter, to make efficient financial decisions, to reduce your cost, and to make your business smarter.

Systems Engineering

Do you need help in developing software?
We build APIs, software components, algorithms, and libraries that you can integrate in your software for web and utilities engineering. Let us do the heavy-lifting for you.

Data Analytics Interfaces

Log-in to an online or local, personal dashboard, specially made for you and your business needs.
Let your employees use a user-friendly, visual interface, where they can access information with a click of a button.

Smart Gadgets

We build cool tech stuff that you see in the movies.
Self-navigating drones and flying objects, electronic skateboards, and small robots to play with or even build yourself using our instructions manual.

We are building the future.
Tell us how it looks like.

Here at Superharmonic we are open to new ideas and challenges. No idea is too crazy or impossible to implement if it follows the natural laws under our current understanding of physics.